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The golden trilogy of female sportswear.

Style, comfort and performance… oh, and sassy too, please 😉

We’ve said this before, and we will say it again – we women are built differently from men. Our anatomy is different, we operate differently, and, in case you haven’t noticed – we most definitely look different. Ultimately, when we’re looking for cycling wear, or fitness wear in general, we look for different things from a guy’s perspective. After all, how many guys need the bib straps designed in a way that is comfortable around the chest… but hey guys, that’s a really important issue for us women.   

Yes, we love to work out and to show ourselves off to the world – and we reserve the right to do so. That also means that every now and then we want to be feminine and sweet – and on other occasions, hell yes, we want to look and feel sexy whilst exercising.  Ultimately, we’ve earned the right to be free to think and to do as we please, and that also means having access to fitness and sportwear that supports our search for the golden trilogy: style, comfort and performance, in equal measure.  

Finding that ‘fit to form’ look  

One of the key difficulties for women seeking out the best performing cycle wear, is getting that ‘look’. Yes, we are somewhat different in shape, and a simple generic smaller size won’t do the trick. We need a technical fabric that has 4-way stretch, combined with a design and cut that is female specific, so that when we put the garment on, it follows the curves of our body, accentuates our form and shows us off to the world; and, in truth, whilst it does look sensational when we achieve this, it also means that we’re 100% comfortable and better able to move freely and able to perform at our best on the bike. Add to this, that the fabric needs to wick away moisture, and to maximise air flow and breathability as we perspire… we don’t sweat 😉, then there’s a lot going on with the fabric requirements. DS Pro only source the world’s best sports fabrics, from Italy and elsewhere. Taking time to research this means that our customers can always rely on having the very best sportwear for women – and that’s important to us, because you deserve the very best.   

Unrestricted movement when wearing our cycle clothing means that you, the hard-working cyclist can concentrate on the task in hand, without thinking that the clothing is uncomfortable, restrictive and needs constant adjustment. Ultimately, when you see the label ‘race fit’ on men’s cycle clothing, nobody raises an eyebrow. However, women especially need a high quality, body contoured fabric cut, so that our very special shape is wrapped like a second skin and that we’re freed up to simply ride. Oh, and yes, it does kind of look good too… but, that’s a bonus! First and foremost, like everything a woman does, it has purpose – men, take note 😉.  

Choosing the right fabrics 

Here at DS Pro, we believe that it’s critical to choose the very best technical fabrics available. We spend a great deal of time, constantly researching and updating our fabrics, so that you can be assured that the women’s cycle clothing we supply to you, is the very best in the world. As we continue to say, the old ‘pink it and shrink it’ mentality, or simply to print a garment with floral patterns, to let women participate, is no longer acceptable – and let’s not get started on unisex! Whilst well-intentioned by someone in a boardroom, there isn’t much similar about a woman’s body shape and a guy! Unisex clothing is simply not empowering in any way; which is also why our design team here at DS Pro, work first to find the best fabrics, then work through the shape and panelling and how the garment will move with the female body wrapped closely to form.  

Only then, when the athlete looks sensational in shape and and form, and when they have achieved that ultimate freedom of movement, do we move onto the visual art and design aspects. And yes, at times we’ll go all-out feminine, with soft pastel shades and floral patterns etc. However, we’ll also head to the other end of the female spectrum and be modern, sassy and sexy in our designs, allowing you to feel truly free, empowered, and to look as good as you feel – visually stunning. 

Yes, the female anatomy obviously brings with it special requirements that have to be addressed in designing high-performance sportswear. Here at DS Pro, that’s what we do better than anyone else, and it’s why our design team and global ambassadors are all experts in their own particular areas – so that we can continue to wrap women in the best cycling clothing in the world, with style, comfort and performance in perfect harmony – oh, and not forgetting to sew in some sexy feelings too 😉.  

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