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​​Designed with a team of innovative craftsmanship, every piece of our women’s cycling clothing is built from the ground up to ensure we deliver beautiful, quality, bespoke women cycling kits without compromising high performance.

DS Pro is the number one manufacturer of women-specific, premium cycling clothing apparel with exceptional performance, comfort and style, coupled with cutting-edge features. Designed with a team of innovative craftsmanship, every piece of our women’s cycling clothing is built from the ground up to ensure we deliver beautiful, quality, bespoke women cycling kits without compromising high performance.

Whether you’re on the professional circuit or you’re just a cycling enthusiast, DS Pro’s easy-to-use platform enables you to buy women’s cycling kit online. Whether it just got to summer, winter, holiday, or racing season, with DS Pro, it’s always a perfect season to pick up your bike and get your fitness levels up. If you’re in need of buying women’s cycling jersey’s online and you don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. We know all the ins and outs, and dos’ and don’ts of women’s cycling clothing at the tips of our fingers.

Even if there are a lot of similarities between cycling for men and women, one area that has significant differences is in clothing because of the fundamental differences in body shape. So how do you choose your kit when you’re a woman?

For one, the type of clothing you wear while on the bike is one of the key factors that affect your comfort. If you want to really enjoy your cycling experience, it’s really important that you feel good while you’re at it. Looking good is also an important factor, especially for women, as compared to men who mainly go for comfort and performance.

Your cycling kit is what is in direct contact with your skin. It is what protects you from sunshine, rain, snow, UV rays, and in some instances, against skin injury when you have a small crash. Any kit that does not keep you safe from these external factors will leave you feeling miserable and discomfort on the bike. But for some women, comfort could mean entirely different.


Whether you’re new to road cycling or your expectations are aimed at the professional ranks, everyone is looking to go a little bit faster and further. With our top of the line women aero jersey garment, we’ll definitely help you shave off a few seconds of that time, or get to the top of that climb a little bit faster.

Right from the entry level to the professional hemisphere, we’ve got the best women aero jerseys you can find in the game. With a suitable tight fit, as it is in the standard world over, we ensure that you won’t encounter any flapping that reduces aero dynamics while peddling.

Our aero jersey is made up of a lightweight, breathable fabric, and the entire construction, from the body to the sleeves is designed to wick moisture effectively away from your body so that you’re more comfortable and cool in hot conditions. This premium cycling clothing for women pays close attention to hygiene, hence, the fabric in all of the DS Pro’s jerseys are treated with anti-bacteria, meaning you’ll be fresher for longer.

Due to the complexity of the female body, the DS Pro Aero Jersey apparel encompasses a full-length zip to foster breathability. You can easily regulate your temperature on the bike any time you find yourself overheating, and it’s also a lot easier for comfort brakes. At the back of the jersey, you’ll find the signature element of any good cycling jersey; the back pockets. The three standard back pockets are meant for carrying essential items like food snacks, keys, or your cellphone.

The fabric is made of high-quality, Italian, elastic stretch hem gripper which prevents the jersey from stretching. The variety of designs lets you make a fashion statement with our trendy floral design that goes hand-in-hand with our stylish cycling socks.


When it comes to DS Pro apparel’s women’s bib shorts, you will get good value for your money. Due to the length of our mini bib shorts, it comes as a huge advantage to cyclists who get to avoid the occasional visible sun tan when they wear a dress or skirt.

The mini bib short’s chamois is where a lot of detail goes into the padding. There are different layers of fabric, starting from the top layer which wicks away sweat, a perforated foam that allows ventilation, and an extra layer of foam that sits underneath the seat bones for comfort. With our women-specific bib shorts, we ensure you will get a lot of comfort for long days in the saddle.

DS Pro apparel’s mini bib shorts are women-specific to ensure your shorts fit right and that the chamois is the right shape, and doesn’t move around when you’re riding. It is also compressive, helping with blood flow and muscle support. The bib shorts primarily hold the short in place when you’re standing and sitting on the bike. Moreover, you won’t have any elastic bands around the waist which can dig into you and become uncomfortable over time.

We recommend that you look around for our variety of good quality pair of DS Pro shorts and jerseys that are going to keep you comfortable over those long miles.

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