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DS Pro – style sewn into every jersey

I’ve been writing for almost as long as I’ve been cycling; and, when you consider that I have a picture
of me riding a tricycle aged only 3, that’s a long time. As an athlete too, I’ve worn bad kit, good kit,
intermittent kit, and kit that I simply would not give wardrobe space to, if I hadn’t needed to wear it
as team kit – in my youth, as I’m now 58 years of age. Yes, the only team kit that I’m likely to see in
the future, is the constant stream of medical staff, as I move onwards from middle age comfort.
Seriously though, I still try to keep fit, when family life, work commitments and tiredness allows.
Unlike the lives of too many social media accounts, the reality is that we have to motivate ourselves
far too often. And, surprisingly, even as a former climber and mountaineer, I no longer want to go
out in the rain and wind. Yes, I’ve survived too many storms, and quite frankly, I’d rather have a
coffee and train indoors on the interactive set-up, if it’s okay with you guys!

Recognising the difference is key to comfort.

Good kit therefore, well, it’s more important to me now than it ever has been. I want to feel
untroubled by the bib shorts, and I want the jersey to hang in a particular way, and I want the socks
just right too… and, don’t get me started on the gloves. Style is also important to me. Yes, I’m a guy…
I know, we’re not stylish, blah blah blah! Listen though, I have 3 sisters, come from a mother who
was one of 3 sisters, and then I studied literature at university, with lectures filled with women over
men. I’ve grown up around woman and, in truth, just a little bit of that stylish magic dust may well
have rubbed off on me. I’d rather go shopping and spend money on well made and superbly
designed clothing, than buy cheaply to save money.

Longer term, especially with sportswear, that extra money is what covers the costs for the extensive
fabric technology, the superior production standards, the wonderful comfort and the great designs.

Achieving the golden trilogy: comfort, performance and  style.

Why then am I telling you this as a male editor within the cycling industry, on a leading lady’s cycle
clothing companies’ website. Well, the fact is that DS Pro also make custom cycling kit, and I’ve been
wearing their custom kit all year long. Add to this, that as an editor of website that has reviewed DS
Pro for many years, I’ve seen so much of it close to hand, that I’m familiar with each and every
design and new item added to the range. It is, beyond doubt, made from the very best fabrics,
finished off to the highest standards, fits like a second skin, and looks absolutely amazing too. My
true measure of great cycling kit, is when I don’t actually know I’m wearing it. That feeling when you
turn the cranks and the wind hits your face, and you’re lifted spiritually to another dimension –
instead of constantly adjusting the kit and wondering why you chose such a long ride.

Yes, the DS Pro custom kit just kind of fits as it should do, and it feels kind of nice and comfortable,
and I truly (and biasedly) believe that it looks good on me at the same time. It allows me to achieve
that perfect trilogy of cycling wear: comfort, performance and style.

And so, all I can say to finish things off, is for you people out there to take a closer look at DS Pro and
their stunningly good range of high-performance cycling jerseys and bib shorts. Better still, tell your
friends and club mates that DS Pro also design and produce custom kits for all teams – men and
women. Then, join the new cycling revolution, and ride into your cycling future, wrapped in style by
this young, but quite superb and performance orientated cycling wear brand – DS Pro.

By Robert Thorpe (editor, Pedalnorth.com)

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