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How to choose a triathlon suit

The triathlon remains one of sports most unyielding challenges. It takes a massive investment in training and commitment to the sport to succeed, and even more to become competitive in races. For triathlon athletes, everything matters and can have a significant impact on overall performance. Not just training and mindset, but equipment too, and an important part of that is the triathlon suit itself, as it is worn throughout the entire event.

Recognizing that having the right women’s triathlon suit is important, the question is, how do we choose the best triathlon suit for our needs? We are all unique, and the right women’s trisuit may be different for each of us, but here are some tips to ensuring you get the triathlon suit that is best for you.

One Piece or Two Piece

While personal preference is important here, one-piece designs offer better aerodynamics, have less seams and as a result are less prone to chafing and other discomfort. In addition, a one-piece women’s triathlon suit has a more secure fit, avoiding the problems of ‘riding up’ that two-piece triathlon suits can suffer from. The two-Piece women’s trisuit provide greater sizing flexibility and more convenience for bathroom breaks.

Swim Support

The best women’s triathlon suit needs to offer good core support all through the race, but especially during the swim. That means a fit that is quite tight, rather than loose, and look for the well designed, textured fabrics that offer less drag than others.

Fast Drying Materials

Once the swim is finished, you are straight into the bike ride, so a fast-drying women’s trisuit is essential. Not only will wet, clingy material restrict movement and increase how much energy you use on the bike, but while it is wet you are carrying extra weight. Good women’s triathlon suits wick moisture away from your skin and allow it to evaporate. Look for materials that offer high beading and moisture wicking for maximum drying performance.

Good padding

Triathlon suit padding is different to that found in dedicated cycling gear. It can’t be as thick, as that would impede movement during the swim and run, yet it must still offer reasonable comfort. Look for a balance between comfort and practicality, with multi-density pads designed to provide cushioning where needed without being a problem during the other parts of the race.

Compression during the run

At the end of the event, the run places a lot of strain on already fatigued muscles, so having good support is an essential part of any women’s triathlon suit. That means a suit that offers compression in the right areas, the core and thighs in particular.


A long zip and breathable fabric become crucial for both the cycling and running sections of the triathlon as temperature control is an important aspect of managing fatigue. A women’s trisuit can be found with either front or rear zippers depending on preference. However, if you prefer a rear zipper, make sure you can reach it easily.

Seams and comfort

Finally, there is nothing worse that chaffing or other irritations throughout the triathlon. Look for a women’s trisuit with well-placed seams and sculpted design that offer minimal risk of abrasion and discomfort.

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