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Meet our Angel: Jennifer O’Sullivan.

Meet our Angel: Jennifer O’Sullivan.

Irish triathlete and lawyer, Jennifer has an active social and sports life and love to motivate others women to achieve more!

Current training location

Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

Personal Motto

Thoughts become things

Favorite Vegetable

Red pepper

Favorite Athlete

Holly Lawrence

Favorite Exercise


When do you train?


Hills or Flat Route?


Short or Long Distance?


Favorite Cycling Kit Color?


What gets you out of bed every morning?

My ambition to help as many people I can using my talents and gifts

What is the most important part of your daily routine?

Stretching and meditation when I wake up

What is the best piece of the health/cycling/triathlon training advice you’ve ever received?

Food. If the fuel is bad, the car will chug

What is your most challenging/ memorable race?

The most memorable race was the Lost Sheep Half Ironman last August 2018. There was road clippings on a descent. I came across a middle road crash of 3 men, one of whom had broken his collar bone. As I came across the accident, I had no choice but to brake and brace for impact and thereby added to the pile up. I was thankfully able to get back up and keep cycling. My arms and legs were very bloody though for the remaining 50km!!

First triathlon and reason?

My first triathlon was to beat the anxiety which came from moving back to Ireland from Germany and beginning to train as a lawyer. I just wanted to feel alive and alcohol and fast food on Fridays were just not doing it for me. My first triathlon was a catastrophe compared to my current performances. I used my hybrid bike which was massive (thick wheels and high handle bars) complete with a basket AND (this was only noted afterwards), my 5kg kryptonite lock. I saw a few people look at me strangely but I thought it was just because I was new. Little did I know that they were laughing at the lock. I had a panic attack in my swim and did breast stroke. I was completely disoriented in transition (although that still happens now). I had the slowest bike and run of my life, and there was no pictures of me on the organizers website afterwards!! It didn’t matter though. From that moment on, I knew I could only improve!!

Get inspired!

Follow her journey on Insta @Jenosullx

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