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    Interview with Lisa POW

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    Lisa Powell is a single mom of three kids- one boy and two girls. Besides being wonderful mom, she is a great example for other young girls to get into the sport and someone to emulate! She is trying to pave the way to get more women involved in riding and racing! She races both mountain and road biking. Learn more about her motto, health habits and more!

    Current training location 

    Queen creek, Arizona

    Personal Motto 

    Always be kind

    Favorite Vegetable 


    Favorite Athlete

    Tim Howard

    Favorite Exercise 


    When do you train?


    Short or Long Distance? 


    Hills or Flat Route?


    image 21 07 20 03 52 2 300x280 - Interview with Lisa POW

    Favorite Cycling Kit Color?


    1. What gets you out of bed every morning?

    The outdoor desert landscape

    2.What is the most important part of your daily routine?

    Early morning rides

    3.What is the best piece of the health/cycling/triathlon training advice you’ve ever received?

    It’s ok to get dropped on a group ride.

    4.What is your most challenging/ memorable race?


    5.Why do you tri/ cycling?


    6.What is your #1 fitness habit?

    Wake up early

    7.How do you motivate yourself to train?

    Most of the time I don’t feel like I need the motivation to go riding. I just go out and ride, and enjoy every minute even if I’m suffering! After being consistent, it becomes a habit.

    8.What are your hobbies besides triathlon?

    Movies, Baking, spending time with family, hiking, photography

    9. First triathlon and reason?

    A small boy scout Tri. I wanted to do something with my son

    10.Biggest obstacle overcome in life?


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    Follow Lisa’s journey for more motivation! Instagram @lisa_pow 

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