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Ruth Cutaran: cycling is my form of stress relief

Ruth Cutaran: cycling is my form of stress relief

Favorite Athlete

Mirinda Carfrae

When do you train?


Short or Long Distance?


Hills or Flat Route?


Favorite Cycling Kit Color?


What gets you out of bed every morning?

The goal to stay productive and active.

What is the most important part of your daily routine? Drinking water and stretching.

What is the best piece of the cycling raining advice you’ve ever received? My trainers. Moody weather means training still resumes indoor!

What is your most challenging/ memorable race? Road to Taiwan KOM Challenge-spring edition 2018. The neverending climbs from bottom to top. The weather that changed over the course of the day from sunny to foggy to rainy until we finished. Seeing fellow cyclists push themselves all the way to the finish line. When you think you can no longer push but still manage to go for it until you make it, is a rather satisfying and ecstatic feeling.

Why do you tri/ cycling? It’s mainly for staying healthy, active and my form of stress relief.

What is your #1 fitness habit? Not forgetting recovery after a hard training session.

How do you motivate yourself to train? By simply enjoying the discipline

First triathlon and reason? My first triathlon will be Desaru 113 Triathlon challenge in July 2019. I started mainly because of the curiosity to see if I can take on multiple sports while in the healthcare industry working shifts and to conquer the fear of swimming. The fun part is training with my friends who helped me, especially in swimming. I use a safety floater for the open water swim just to keep me afloat if anything happens. Looking forward to it!

Biggest obstacle overcome in life? Losing my dad. Hence, the reason I turned to cycling. It helped me gather myself and keep it together until everything got better.

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